Autonomy and Collaboration

We know that in great schools and academies decisions are taken as close as possible to where learning takes place. Principals and governing bodies know their schools better and they need to have the autonomy to make those decisions. The role of the Enquire Learning Trust is to provide oversight, challenge, guidance and support to Principals and governing bodies, providing a different perspective when they are discussing key decisions.  The Trust applies a robust accountability framework; the focus is always upon the impact of children’s learning. The Enquire Learning Trust academies which have been judged by Ofsted to be good or better have earned this autonomy.

Our aspiration for any school which joins the Trust requiring improvement is that through the support and guidance the Enquire Learning Trust and its member schools gives improvement will happen and that autonomy will be earned.

All schools and academies should be striving to improve tomorrow upon what they have achieved today. At the heart of the drive for continuous improvements in the Enquire Learning Trust academies are the partnerships which form between those academies. By creating opportunities for academy to academy learning the best of what we already know can be shared and taken to another level. And through those opportunities new learning and insight will be gained.

The relationships between academies within the Trust are key to their continuing development but it is also vital that academies within the Enquire Learning Trust continue to sustain and foster existing relationships with neighbouring schools, academies, their local authorities and other organisations. These are opportunities for new learning to be drawn into our academies, learning and insight which can then be shared across the whole Enquire Learning Trust.

The Trust has a commitment to enquiry. The enquiry process enables us to have enthusiastic conversations with each other; conversations within the Trust, in our academies and with our colleagues.

The Trust has a large suite of enquiry tools and techniques to generate real improvement inside our academies.


An Emphasis on Distinctiveness…The values we hold, the expectations we have and the commitments we make to learners, families and one another are the elements which bind Enquire Learning Trust Academies together.

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