Support for Learning

The key test for any activity generated within the Enquire Learning Trust should be; how does this impact upon learning in classrooms? All of the systems, processes and activities we generate should be focused upon making a difference to the quality of teaching and thereby outcomes for children. We need to create the conditions for all children to become successful learners. Learning in the Enquire Learning Trust academies should:

  • Be inclusive – provision should meet the needs of learners of all abilities, with aspirational targets set for every child
  • Focused upon achievement – ensuring that opportunities acre created for all children to reach their academic potential
  • Meaningful and relevant – focused upon meeting children where they are and taking them to where they need to be
  • Build confidence and self-esteem – so that all children believe they can be successful learners
  • Develop habits for learning – habits which children will be able to draw upon throughout their education and beyond
  • Be INSPIRATIONAL – creative and imaginative teaching which inspires a love of learning in every child

This is what we should see, hear and feel in every Enquire Learning Trust academy.


Academy Improvement

The most crucial role of all Academy leaders is to secure the best possible outcomes for children. Enquire Learning Trust will provide monitoring, support and challenge to academy leaders and members of the Local Governing Body. To facilitate this each academy within the Enquire Learning Trust will have an entitlement to a range of services including:

  • Access to a designated academy improvement professional
  • Access to a strong network and community of practice
  • Access to the resources and connections provided by our Strategic Partners

Each academic year every academy will host two focused enquiries into practice that will enable an academy to reflect on its strengths and areas for development. Drawing upon the expertise of school leaders across the trust, the enquiry process creates a robust body of evidence that can be used by leaders and governors to give impetus to improvement and also be used by other leaders within the Trust as a platform for their own development initiatives. 


Special Educational Needs

The Enquire Learning Trust is an inclusive organisation. Our task is to ensure that all learners, including those with SEND, receive excellent provision, and make strong progress. The Trust has an designated SEND Officer who works with academies, families and with Local Authorities to ensure children get the best possible deal.


Financial Support

Getting the finances right – and securing the best deal for learners – is crucial for academy leaders and Local Governing Bodies. It’s also an aspect of work that can be time consuming and complex, particularly in the early days after conversion when budgeting, banking and financial monitoring and reporting processes are new and unfamiliar.

The Chief Finance Officer has the responsibly of assuring the financial health and probity of the Enquire Learning Trust as a whole and working with academies to manage their budgets well. Additional support is offered direct to academies to ensure that they each academy receives the right level of funding, help with financial planning, assistance with budget monitoring/reporting and the preparation of year end accounts. As well as on-site support, the Enquire Learning Trust will provide regular updates and professional development opportunities for academy leaders and business managers.


Commitment to Communities

All our academies are unique institutes that serve the needs of their children and families.  We value and reinforce this continuously.


Support Services to Schools

The Enquire Learning Trust offers the following support services to all of our schools:

  • Strategic ICT Support
  • HR Support
  • Staff Benefit Scheme
  • Payroll & Pensions
  • Banking
  • Catering
  • Legal
  • Assets
  • Health & Safety
  • Procurement
  • Data Intelligence
  • Audit
  • Insurance
  • Governance