Governance in the Enquire Learning Trust

The Trust has a number of layers of governance:


The Members operate at a strategic level with ultimate control over the direction of the Trust.

Their functions include but not limited to:

  • Overseeing the achievement of the objectives of the Trust
  • Appointing Trustees
  • Power to amend the Articles of Association  


The Trustees have responsibilities for the day to day management and operation of the Trust. All Trustees are non-executive directors constituted under a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. The Trustees are responsible for ensuring that high standards of corporate governance are maintained.  

Their functions include but not limited to :

  • Ensure high quality education provision
  • Challenge and monitor the performance of the Trust
  • Manage the Trust's finances and property
  • Ensure that the Trust complies with charity and company law
  • Operates the Trust and its academies in accordance with the Master Funding Agreement and Supplementary Funding Agreements. 


The Trust Leadership Team are led by the Chief Executive Officer.  The CEO and Trustees in turn appointed individuals to provide support in the leadership of the Trust's day to day activities including; school improvement, finance, business management, human resources, governance and ICT. 

Their functions include but not limited to:

  • Manage the business of the Trust within agreed financial limits set by the Trustees (see the Scheme of Delegation)
  • Ensure the Trust's strategic aims and objectives are delivered 
  • Monitor, challenge and improve academy performance
  • Implement the Trustees direction and decisions


The Academy Improvement Committees oversee up to three academies in a close geographical area.  

Their role is to provide oversight, challenge and support to Principals with a focus on academy improvement. 

Their function is to be:

  • Driven by core strategic functions 
  • Curious about what happens in classrooms
  • Obsessed by the impact of the academy leadership
  • Guardians of quality, promotors of innovation
  • Relentlessly focused on improving learning and raising achievement
  • Provide a link between the Trust Leadership Team and the Local Community