Governance in the Enquire Learning Trust

Effective governance is a key element of a successful academy. Local Governing Bodies act as a vital and critical friend to school leaders and staff.  They provide the key and crucial connection to the community and to the Board of Trustees.


The Enquire Learning Trust can offer:

  • Governor networks,support and bespoke training
  • Ofsted preparation for governors
  • Robust Trust level governance
  • Commitment to strong governance at academy level
  • Policies and procedures
  • Outstanding School Improvement expertise 


Trust Governance

The Enquire Learning Trust is governed by the board of Trustees.  The Trustees comprise of:

  • Board Appointed Trustees
  • Chairs of Governors from Trust academies


Local Governance

The Enquire Learning Trust believes that strong local governance is key to all of its academies. Each academy retains their governing body and through the scheme of delegation, the governing body is empowered to make decisions in the best interests of the children and community is serves.



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