We are delighted that you are considering applying for a place at an Enquire Learning Trust academy.

The Enquire Learning Trust is the admission authority for the academy you are considering and is responsible for determining its admission arrangements. These admissions arrangements can be found within these Admission, Admission Policy & Documents, and Appeals pages. 

All applications in the normal admissions round (entry into Reception in September) will be processed in accordance with the Admissions Policy.

 Applications should be made to your home Local Authority for a place at one of our academies. The closing date for applications is 15 January. In April, your home Local Authority will send you the offer of a place at our academy on behalf of the Trust.

For details and the application forms please visit:

Admissions Documents

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The Board of the Multi Academy Trust is the Admissions Authority with the responsibility for the administration of the admission arrangements and remain responsible for any appeals.

Between December and January all admission authorities have to consult for a period of 6 weeks on any changes to their proposed admission arrangements or any proposed decrease in their published admission number (PAN). Admission authorities do not have to consult on proposed increases to their PAN.

After the close of the consultation period on 31st January,  the admission authority must take account of any responses received and determine their final admission arrangements by 28th February. 

The School Admissions Code states that all school admission arrangements and policies must be determined by 28th February  and published by 15th March.  Our determined Admissions Policy for 2023/24 is now available on our website. 

Please contact Admissions on 01924 792960 or


School Places with be offered the 16th April 

Appeals must be submitted by the 21st May 

All appeals will be heard by the 30th July (within 40 school days)

Appeals lodged after these dates will be heard within 40 school days of the appeal deadline or within 30 school days of being lodged, whichever is the later date.

You'll be sent notification of your app​eal hearing along with a copy of the school’s case at least 10 school days in advance of the hearing.​

If you wish to submit further evidence which was not included with your initial appeal, you must ensure that we receive it at least 3 working days before the hearing date. Any additional evidence or information received after this date might not be considered at the appeal hearing.

The appeal panel will then decide whether it should be considered, taking into account its significance and the effect of a possible need to adjourn the hearing.

Consultation on Admission Arrangements 2025-2026

Each admission authority must consult on their admissions arrangements if they are considering making changes to their published arrangements or they must consult every seven years if no changes have been made.

The Enquire Learning Trust’s Consultation on the Admission Policy for September 2025-2026 has been completed.

The Final Admissions Policy for 2025-2026 is now available on the Admissions page in the Policy & Documents section.

Any queries to be sent to

Upcoming Changes to Childcare Support

15 and 30 hours childcare

The current offer

In England, all parents and carers of 3 and 4-year-olds are entitled to 15 hours a week childcare support with registered childcare providers. Eligible working parents and carers of children aged 3-4 can also get an additional 15 hours childcare support, bringing their total up to 30 hours a week.

Some eligible parents of 2-year-old children may also be entitled to 15 hours childcare support, if they receive some additional forms of government support.

Your hours can be used per week for 38 weeks of the year (during school term time). You may be able use your hours for up to 52 weeks if you use fewer than your total hours per week. Check with your childcare provider to find out if this is something they offer.

You can use Tax-Free Childcare or Universal Credit for Childcare whilst claiming your 15 or 30 hours of childcare support.

Check here to find the right offer for you and how to apply for 30 hours of childcare.

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