Open Tenders

iPad Requirements Summer 2024

We have a requirement this summer to purchase 2200 iPads, 10th generation, base specification - 64GB, WIFI only. These should be quoted with the following split of cases - 400 folio type for staff and 1800 rugged type cases for students.

Our Contract Notice can be found below, and any further questions can be sent direct to Brett Webster, Director of IT -

Please submit your quotes via the same email address as above. This contract is live until 4th June and will be awarded week commencing 10th June.

Further Information

In addition to the information within our tender via the link above, please see further details below that may be relevant to support your quotation submissions:

  • Please submit quotes for outright purchase. We do not need any lease or finance options adding. We're happy to receive your quotes direct instead of completing any specific form or paperwork from ourselves. Please submit this to before the notice deadline.
  • Our cases on existing iPads in school are the JLC Turtle for students, and the UAG Scout folio for staff. Whilst we're happy to receive other options in your quotes, they must be similar in type, spec and durability, especially the student case.
  • No other services or device accessories are required with this quotation other than the iPad itself, student type case and staff type case. Setup and deployment, MDM licenses, additional warranty etc is not needed other than the default term that comes with hardware.
  • Deliveries of the items would be required week commencing 15th July so that they're with our schools before they close for summer. Each of our 32 schools would take delivery of their items direct to school itself and that should be factored into your quotation.
  • Once the notice deadline has passed we will review all quotes and score these based on cost (80%) and quality (20% with the latter including things like supplier experience, testimonials upon request and delivery and support processes.