Enquire Learning Trust teachers from across the world have engaged in European exchange as part of a pioneering new programme to help promote high quality education.

13 teachers representing partner schools in Turkey, Gran Canaria, Poland, Italy and Cyprus met at Middlethorpe Academy as part of the EU-funded Erasmus+ project.


The project focuses on computer technology to enhance learning, and invites teachers from a wide variety of cultures to learn about and exchange different approaches to education development.

Teachers have engaged in activities and forward-thinking discussions that have helped them advance their teaching and learning skills with regards to the use of handheld technology in the outdoors, and how they can put these skills into practice in their own schools.

They took part in an Enquiry Walk, observing ICT skills used in classrooms. They also had the opportunity to speak with children at Middlethorpe Academy, sharing knowledge about their schools and towns so that pupils can develop a deeper understanding of different cultures in comparison to their lives in Britain.

Executive principle Jamie Holbrook said: “This project makes a real difference to our academy and is a great opportunity for pupils to learn about the wider world. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get a perspective in our work from educators from across the European Union.”