If we view vulnerable learners as any child who isn’t making the progress we aspire to then we need ask the question how do we intervene to accelerate that progress? We’ve come to view intervention as an approach to intervening which involves withdrawing children install groups where TAs tiles pre-designed packages. This can be successful but those packages, which are designed to five structure and support to the TA, can’t possibly meet the specific needs of those children. In Hardwick Green Primary Academy we have been looking at what the range of strategies, within class and through withdrawal, might be utilised to create a more bespoke offering for those children. And in those conversations we have been thinking about what accelerated progress campaigns might look like. They are short, they are focused, they are fierce and they have a big effect in a short time. Rather than children always being part of one of those groups, we do something significant with them which ensures they no longer need that small groups support. And we are also wondering what resources and development needs professional might need to do this really well.

Could we create a group within the Enquire Learning Trust to explore these ideas?