I am often asked ‘Why academy status?’ and ‘Why the Enquire Learning Trust?’ The answer is simple – it’s because ELT has a moral purpose and cares about the learning and development of all. As leaders, we feel that our contribution is recognised and respected. There is a collective understanding that, in order for growth and development within our school communities to take place, leaders must be given high quality professional growth opportunities.
As leaders, we are never given the answers – we are challenged with questions, given access to academics and research and given space, time and opportunity to work together, learning from one another’s practice with fearless engagement. The mutual respect and support is palpable when we are together. The value of Enquiry is seen on many levels – teachers evidencing great practice, children demonstrating what they do well day in day out, leaders having external validation of their success, leaders reflecting upon evidence of excellent practice to evaluate and develop practice in their own schools.
There is a collective understanding that everyone has something to offer and everyone has something to learn. The professional generosity is humbling, yet exciting.
So, ‘Why academy status?’ and ‘Why the Enquire Learning Trust?’ The answers are clear to see!

Helen Channing of Roseberry Academy