Recent inspection rates Enfield Primary a good school  


Enfield Primary Academy in Grimsby, which is part of the Enquire Learning Trust (ELT), has been awarded a further judgment of ‘good’ following a short inspection by Ofsted inspectors.  


The short inspection was the first to be carried out since the school was judged to be good in May 2014 prior to becoming an academy.


The inspection report noted that ‘the leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection’ and that leadership has continued ‘a culture of high expectations for pupil achievement’.  


Ofsted commented on the significant changes at the school since the last inspection in relation to staff – nearly all of who are new, which has improved its effectiveness.  The inspector also said that leaders have an accurate view of the school’s strengths and know what needs to improve. It went on to say that safeguarding is effective and there is a ‘strong culture’ of safeguarding pupils and the school is working effectively with external agencies to ensure that everything is being done to safeguard children and minimise risk.


Speaking about the inspection report findings, Mrs Amanda Scott, Principal, said: 


“I am very pleased with the outcome of this inspection because it recognises the changes and progress we have made since academisation.  Ofsted also noted that parents are very positive about the school too and were full of praise for the efforts leaders and staff have put into ensuring that their children’s needs are met. 


“At our last inspection, we were asked to develop the skills of teachers to raise achievement. Through the appointment of new staff and by becoming part of ELT, we have taken big strides forward. Our teachers can now work collaboratively with teachers from other ELT schools to share best practice and our pupils are more confident with plenty of opportunities to ask questions both of themselves and of teachers, to deepen their understanding.


“Becoming part of a multi-academy-trust has made a tremendous differenced to us and this was noted by Ofsted, who cited the positive outlook of teaching staff about the opportunities they now have to share good practice and have professional discussions.  In this respect we are particularly fortunate to be part of ELT because its trustees are so committed to providing the highest standards of continuing professional development for all staff, at every level.


“We are also gradually making progress with our level of absenteeism and are working hard to improve writing standards and provide plenty of opportunities for pupils to practise, reinforce and improve their writing skills.   We are committed to further improvement in this area.


“I fully expect our next inspection, whenever that may be, to show even greater progress with an outstanding judgment and would like to thank all staff for their wholehearted support which has resulted in a very positive result for the school this time round.  Thank you.”


Darren Holmes, ELT’s Chief Executive, said: “This is another great result for the Enquire Learning Trust, where almost 90% of our children receive a good or better education.  Mrs Scott and her team are to be congratulated for their diligence and hard work.”


ELT, established in 2012, is one of the largest primary only academy trusts in England, currently with 26 academies which operate from three hubs in the North, covering the Tees, Esk Valley and North Yorkshire region, the East, covering Humberside and the West, covering Manchester.  With a commitment to ensuring that every child is a successful learner, no matter what, ELT has earned a national reputation for its outstanding contribution to raising standards and improving outcomes for its children.