Principal, Heather Farrell is proud of the provision that pupils with special educational needs access and she knows that children benefit from staff who have great expertise in securing their progress. Heather is clear, “My colleagues are simply inspirational. They are hugely skilled, hugely dedicated and wonderfully generous. They share their expertise around so that everyone benefits. I have a school full of creative, adaptable, dedicated, problems solvers. You really can’t buy it.”


And everyone benefitting is important. Heather is unwavering in her understanding that, “Our pupils with SEND bring a huge amount to our school. They reflect our deeply held and authentic belief that everyone is special and that all pupils can make a unique and valued contribution to the school community.” She suggests that, “Schools are microcosms of wider society and it’s part of our role to help pupils embrace diversity and understand that every person in unique and important.”


When Ofsted visited the school early in 2019 inspectors recognised the quality of the work with SEND at Oakfield. The report outlines how the resource provision - which is a real strength of the school,” and is “an exemplary of good practice.”


This resource base - which hosts pupils from across the Borough of Tameside - is expertly led by Paula Anderson. She loves the work she does and sees the impact of her efforts every day. Paula is adamant that, “It really works at Oakfield because everyone takes responsibility for all the learners. We have high expectations and make sure that learning is enjoyable.”

Heather concurs. “The whole team plays a part. We try to give every child the chance to shine and make sure that all pupils with SEND have a personalised programme that helps them to learn alongside their peers. Focus on Oakfield

Oakfield Academy in Hyde prides itself on its inclusivity.